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Concentrates by Chromastics


Imagine,  just 5 tubes of Chromastics Pure Tone Hair Color Color Concentrates can change how you formulate, using  your existing hair color brand or any brand of hair color!

Now before you think to your self "What's the big deal, my existing hair color line has color concentrates also "I want you to think again.

Most of the other hair color manufacturers in the USA today have some shades called: Color Additives...NOT Color Concentrates, and here's the difference. The color additives, which most other hair color manufacturer includes in their product line, are made with PRE-OXIDIZED dye molecules. This means that's they are closer to a temporary hair color than to a permanent hair color.

That's why, if you have ever used them, you will know that they fade out very quickly and are only to be used as an "additive" into your regular color formula to brighten or subdue the formula a little more, never to be used on their own.

Chromastics Color Concentrates on the other hand, are OXIDATIVE DYES so they actually have the ability to penetrate into the cortex layer of the hair like permanent hair color does.

Like color additives, they can be intermixed with any of the other tints to intensify and /or modify any of the Chromastics shades. BUT, they can also be used as a stand-alone hai rcolor when you want to create vibrant or muted Fashion Shades!

Shades like Lilac, Forest Green, Royal Blue Pink, Orange, Purple or any other fashion shade you wish to make. Your only limit is your imagination.

And here's the big deal about all of this: because your creating these fashion shades with an oxidative type of tint, once applied to pre-bleached hair, they will last as long as a permanent tint does. Is that incredible or what. Try doing that with your present color additive and see what you get...It won't be pretty.

Our special trial offer just for you to try regardless of your present color line, it works with every color line! Five Shades of Concentrates, Neutral, Gold, Green Red and Blue plus one Clear specially packaged with usage instructions will be shipped to you.

 $39.60 Free Shipping with a $7.50 Handling Fee (local sales tax applied where applicable)

Limit 1 deal only

 For more information or to get started with your new Color Concentrates:

Contact Vince @ vince@midwestsalonsolutions.com (847) 477-0034


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